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I have this idea for a board and trucks

Posted: Wed May 28, 2014 1:30 pm
by Kiwy

The reasoning behind it was to make a hybrid mountainboard that could be converted into a longboard(sort of) with just a switch of the wheels. I wanted to be able to use the deck with other types of trucks.

I also wanted some bushing trucks for it, so I combined some ideas and came up with that design. It should be a stiff skate truck that could take abuse.
Instead of going for a cup bushing I chose a skate bearing but now I believe it might be redundant.

I don't know if this all adds up but if it does, I'll try to build it.

Posted: Thu May 29, 2014 4:57 am
by Ben
i have no idea if or how that would work but im very impressed lol

Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2014 3:21 pm
by sir seymour
looks very similar to the old G4S truck system. (can't find a decent picture of it on the web anywhere). The idea was always good but the production was rubbish (weak materials, weak pivot and crap bushings). Would be very interesting to see what that style of truck would be like with more refined engineering and bushing material. Bushings will be the key imho as with that type of pivot you could have a very lively truck. All about the balance between manouverability and twitchy death. If you can make it as good as you can CAD it, i think you'll be on to a winner!

Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 5:36 am
by Kiwy
Follow up.
Tested a "prototype". Design is fundamentally flawed when it comes to steering (press right it goes left, etc.). The deck gets significantly raised and you get the feeling of riding something else entirely. It looks interesting as an idea but it's a very bad ride.

I'm honestly glad it turned out to be a bad design. I'm less stupid now. Also, since I can barely get someone to understand what carbon fiber is around here, I would have been forced to ship all the materials across Europe. Not a good deal when everything is already so costly. As for the trucks, well, they feel redundant.

Final thoughts:
I still haven't given up on building a custom deck. But now I think I'll just frankenboard it.

Posted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 2:10 pm
by JamieFluke
That board looks very cool, sad it didn't work out though. Will be looking out for your next prototype posts.

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:30 am
by karankasyup
The best trucks I ever had were these that are called ''Thunder'' are very light, while keeping a strong aluminum-type-painting on the outside making them particularly nice and long-lasting.

Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:39 am
by jackinator
try reversing the trucks on your prototype, I have a shlong board, Basic popsicle with trucks mounted to tails, herd something about reversing the trucks for them, so I tried it and my trucks suddenly worked in reverse. lean left, turn right = not good

May I suggest you turn the edges into angled kicks so the profile looks kinda like a "w" then if needed you could throw some flywheels on it, I think that would work a little better.
If I'm not mistaken both Mbs wheels and skateboard wheels have a 22mm outer diameter bearing, so I'd think if you bought two sets of mbs bearings you could throw some in some longboard wheels.