Looking for truck setup advice

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Looking for truck setup advice

Post by Kiwy » Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:02 pm

A lot of things happened since this time last year and mountainboarding regrettably had to take a back seat. I missed a lot.

Anyway, Trampa sells these titanium skate trucks. They're pretty lightweight and they grabbed my attention for a board update.
They're going to be set up on a 35 short that's going to have it's edges trimmed for added coolness. The angle isn't ideal for skate trucks but I know it works.

I'm jumping and spinning on my board 80% of the time so something so light will make life a lot easier. Compared to springs and shocks I can get replacement bushings here, instead of shipping them across Europe.
I weigh 65kg/143lbs/10stones (cause Kgs are foreign in some places) so there's no way for me to bend them.

I already have my pair of indestructible matrix pros with fresh springs so getting new channels seems pointless. Unless I want a second board.

Problem is skate trucks feel squishy compared to spring trucks. Springs have this satisfying recoil when you land on them.

What do you think about skate trucks on a 35 short board for freestyle? Are they a good choice or should I stay on my old channels and buy a new hat or something instead?

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Post by PURE63 » Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:04 pm

skate trucks are limiting and will only allow your freestyle progression to move forward so much before your equipment cant take the strain of the tricks you are throwing down

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