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2 wheels good, four wheels bad ?

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sir seymour
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Post by sir seymour » Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:14 am

DirtStar Army wrote:I found my calling and it has four wheels and wont make me look like a goof ball. There is a huge scooter seen in Utah.....some go big and have some crazy inverted tricks....but they just cant hang in the long run. Toy VS sport.....ill take the real sport insted of a joy ride on a toy any day of the week.

Bollocks. Why is mountainboarding a 'cool sport' and scootering a 'rubbish toy'? I bet there are many people who think you look like a goof ball on a mountainboard and probably think it looks like a toy. Mountainboarding is no more a sport than scooters are and i bet the prize money is better on 2 wheels.
I don't see the need to slag them off as a gimmick when we do the sport we do. Stones and glass houses springs to mind. I'd take another look at the footage of mountainboarding from 1992-1996 and remember how stupid it looked when it all started.
If scooters cant hang in the long run then mountainboarding certainly can't. The industry is on it's arse compared to what it was 10 years ago and i bet way more scooters will be bought and ridden over the next year than mountainboards.

For the record I would still like to burn every scooter kid who stands about in the middle of my local bowl, helmet on the back of his head staring around like a dribbler. Ripping the piss out of them doesn't work though but a friendly chat and a little lesson on park etiquette can go a hell of a long way in making it a good place for everyone to skate/scoot. A little bit of respect.

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Post by Brennig » Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:38 am

Just look at our three main manufacturers, one went bust, one expanded into the longboard market and the other into scooters. We can't slag off scooters if they are essentially keeping our sport alive. The demand from both new riders and experienced riders is minuscule. There aren't enough new riders needing boards and there isn't enough demand from existing riders for new investment and technology. When was the last time we've actually seen a new development or company? The last 10 years have only really witnessed revisions of the same gear.

You only have to look at long boarding and you see well over 100 different companies releasing new gear every day, there are even companies that specialise in washers alone. In my opinion mountain boarding could have a broader appeal than long boarding and snowboarding, it can be ridden anywhere anytime. Just look at all the other sports, thousands of people in the UK spend in excess of £1000 on mountain bikes, and the same goes for kite surfing. Kite surfing demands pretty specific conditions e.g. wind and sea, compared to the gravity and land you need for mountain boarding.

It's annoying to see that even mountain board companies have more confidence to invest in other sports than our own.
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Post by ZeroPoint » Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:49 pm

Ok, so I bet everyone on this subjects been thinking, I wonder what Zeropoints opinion is... No? - erm, well Im going to tell you anyway.

I'm a big fan of self expression, people doing amazing shhhh-tuuffff. I hate all this BS hipster shhhhhh-uffff with kids just spending their days shopping, looking pretty or uploading pictures of themselves to twitter/facebook... which is pretty much what most of my peers do.

But It does irritate me that people that are self expressing concentrate to much on the "fashionable" side to their sport; BMX,skating,scootering are so... almost right winged? and that alot of the riders lose priority on the sport and more on having the most expensive bloody board, bike ect. as possible.

I know quality to expense is never linear, but there's a line...

So that's what I kinda love about a low scene sport, like mountain boarding, the smaller it is the less there is of this of this "oh check out that piece of shit he's riding". I dont like hate/respect for riders which is based on their bike/board and how much cash they have in their pocket instead of how freaking awesome they are.

So really thats my main problem with scooters, they come under this lower priority on riding, more on spending money trying to out do/keep up with everyone else, I know this isn't the case with everyone but how can you get on with your fellow riders when there too caught up with money money money.

I guess in the end, its a bit like taking photo's on a holiday, it's great to capture memories, but if you get to caught up in taking photo's, you might not make them memories.

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Post by markbrosnan78 » Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:05 am

Mine arrived today. This is what I got:


I won it in a competition so I didn't pay for it and I'm in no way affiliated with the company who made it or I won it from.

First impressions are that its bloody sturdy. A lot more than I expected. Rated to 100Kg and I'm not too far away from that and it will take it. The welds look really good and I'd guess it would take some real punishment.

Its footplate is bigger than a normal scooter as is the handles and forks. I'm six feet with size 11 feet and its fairly comfortable. It is aimed at riders age 12 and over.

I've ridden "normal" scooters before and its a lot better ride on roads. The tyres are rated at 80psi but I've only put 70 in mine to give a bit of comfort. The tyres are similar to MTB tyres but are five inch rather than 8/9.

Its definitely no toy especially at the price its pitched at. I'm not sure how they will take off. There is a lot more concrete than dirt to ride in most places. Although it does mean if you live near a centre you have the option of using it there as well as on the street or skate park.

You can buy a decent scooter for less than £50 but I know some of the stunt ones can go for over £300 but how many of those do you see often? I think the price will put most people off. I took it to the kids school and whilst the kids loved it all the parents balked at the price tag. You'd have to be really committed to talk a parent into parting with the cash.

I'd say you'll see a few at parks now and again but I don't think they'll become a scourge like their street counterparts are. It will probably mean a bit more exposure for both sports which wouldn't be a bad thing.

If I can I'll bring it to Bradbury Clumps for Round 3 if anyone wants a go.

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sir seymour
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Post by sir seymour » Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:15 pm

timed scooter downhill on the track, sounds perfect after a few post competition shandies!

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Post by etchy6 » Mon May 20, 2013 3:31 pm

heres my toy

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Post by david0241 » Mon May 27, 2013 2:39 pm

Don't know how in the world it didn't come up that MBS makes dirt scooters as well. They primarily use all the same parts as their mountainboards do so it's gotta at least help their sales with the mountainboard parts I would imagine. All of the hubs and wheels are the same, only sold in sets of two. They actually have a link to it in the top right corner of their site. Might also be a good spot to get less than a set of four hubs if yours burst or something, though I wouldn't know anything about that because I doubt I'll ever see the day my Rockstar Pros defect.


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Post by barxx » Mon May 27, 2013 3:04 pm

It takes alot more skill to ride a board over a scooter, yer ok tricks are just as hard and you get things like the tailwhips that can go badly wrong. And yer if you fall from a scooter you've gotta get away from it where as your board is with you.

Though i used to do alot of mountain biking and a fair bit of bmx and it's only as dangerous as them.

Like i said the skill on a board is harder as you have nothing to hold onto so you have to learn a different way of balance/control.

But they won't take off like those micro scooters 'cos like mountain boards are to skateboards you don't tend to just nip to the shop on 'em. And most scooters round here are ridden by 12 year olds i can't see the parents driving them an hour or so to a boarding park to fork out even more cash to pay for them to ride so i don't think we need to worry about them snakeing our lines.
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Post by david0241 » Mon May 27, 2013 3:41 pm

Hell, for that matter, I think that's one of the reasons you don't see mountain boarders everywhere- They cost a pretty penny. Though that's true of mountain bikes and plenty of kids have those. I think it's harder to justify for some reason though than is a mountain bike. That and the fact that every kid and his mom is blown away when they see me riding some sort of "magical machine with pneumatic tires that moves and looks like a snowboard on wheels" that they've never in their life heard of before. Even if mom did decide she had enough money, then you have everyone else who thinks that bindings will be the death of you and that you're insane. Never the less, I love my mountainboard and I don't think I'd get my same thrill from a scooter. They just don't excite me at all. I will say it would have been cool when I was 11 or something though, but if I knew about this stuff when I was 11, I probably would have been on a grasshopper or something of that manner. (Yeah right, I would have never have gotten mom to fork out that much money on "punk ass skateboards.") Also, did I mention I feel like I'm 11 when I squat over a dainty little scooter? Not only do I probably look it, I FEEL ridiculous.

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