Anybody have any experience with this Ground Industries board?

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Anybody have any experience with this Ground Industries board?

Post by david0241 » Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:49 pm

I might go pick this up today to add to my collection. I was curious as to if any of you guys had any experience on it. I impulsively buy boards when I can get an excellent deal on them, but last time I bought an old MBS Blade which weighed a good 25 pounds and wasn't good for much especially when I already have a Pro 100 & Comp 95. So I'm wondering how a (Patrol 106? Correct me if I'm wrong.) will stand up to my two other board and whether it is a worthwhile purchase.

Here's some pictures of the thing.
If nothing else, I want it for the bindings and tires. I hear MAK tires are where it's at, and those bindings look super kush (whereas my current F4's dig into the front of my ankles unless I where hiking shoes.) Would love to hear opinions about all the ups and downs of each part of the board. Thanks everyone!
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Post by indigo_wolf » Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:41 pm

Here are the particulars on the board:

LENGTH: 41.7inches/ 106 cm
WIDTH: 8.5 inches/ 21.6 cm
WEIGHT: 14.9 pounds/ 6.77 Kilos
BUILD: Professional Grade
2008 Balistik MAK 2 ply tires
Green & White Vegas Hubs
Green Torsion Bionic Pro 16" suspension
Torsion Cube Technology, includes HD4 T3s
Talon II Bindings, Green
Bomberlite Patrol Deck
Tool Kit & Instructions

The Torsion Bionic trucks are the second generation ones where they replaced the cast metal hanger cage with a resin one. According to Matt (GI's owner), the former had a tendency to crack under repeated hard impacts.

The cubes that come with them are pretty decent, but replacement parts are hard to come by these days. When they eventually wear out, you can drill two more holes in the deck and replace them with Spring Channel trucks.

The Talons bindings are also second generation. Pretty cushy when fresh, but like all things they will eventually break down.

The MAKs are great.

It was kind of hard to suss out what Bomberlite was unless you really went digging on their old site, but it's a maple/fiberglass laminate.

The weakest part of the board were the Vegas hubs, repeated impacts would eventually cause the tabs on the outer part of the hubs that connect to the metallic painted centers to give way. No problem if you are just cruising, but not the best for thrashing.

As to the value of the deck, depends on what the asking price is. If it's in the $200-225 range, it's a pretty good buy.


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Post by Mikael » Thu Jul 17, 2014 11:42 pm

I would not buy this for more than $75

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no more than $75. $100 at most

Post by LivEviL » Fri Jul 18, 2014 8:35 am

I agree. Trucks are junk, bindings ok, deck no pro, hubs junk, tires are the best thing on this board.
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