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Post by ballar23 » Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:59 am

Mods, feel free to move to proper section if their is one dedicated to this.

Just wanted to introduce myself! Name's Grant.

Pre-mechanical engineer at Oregon State, got my feet wet in mountainboarding over the summer. Picked up a lightly used Atom 95x or something like that for $60, just needed a new tire and a fix to the brakes (trashing them, realizing they were a piece of crap anyways, and then removing them altogether).

I lived up in the hills above Portland until moving to Corvallis for college, found some great trails up there hidden in forest park that i did not have the kajones or the skill to ride at the time. My family is moving, so its unlikely ill be going back there more than a couple more times.

Unfortunately, I have developed a knee injury from suddenly turning myself into a psycho distance runner. My mind was wayyy ahead of my body. According to the doctor, it should be cleared up within a month or so, and then ill be back up and running (less than a half marathon every other weekend... wayyy less...). Until then, Ill be here chatting away and busting my butt in school.

Feel free to hit me up if you need parts designed in CAD, I have access to and experience on the student versions of both CATIA and Solidworks, and possibly access to autodesk as well. I can 3D print prototypes for you (for a fee, that sh*t aint free ya know), but unfortunately i don't have access to a machine shop for personal projects.

Im generally a nice guy. Im really into E-boards, even more so into BLDC hub motors. I'm broker than your preschool piggy bank, but that will hopefully change in the next few weeks. My favorite car is a Weismann GT MF5, not that i have or ever will get the chance to look at one from three miles away. I like to think I'm a surfer (I'm really not), I shoot guns and photos as well as get shot with cameras, I drink and make coffee like a madman since 2010, sell espresso out of my dorm, brew kombucha wine in my closet, steal your girlfriends, and have a good time doing it ;) lets liven things up around here. say hi, I only bite in my sleep.

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