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Wild ideas

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:05 am
by Ace D
Hey all,

I am new to mountainboarding and was wondering something. I love snowboarding and got pretty, eh, decent at it last year. =] I have always loved hiking in the mountains (the Alps btw) but never liked the way down. I was wondering if it would be at all possible to carry a mountainboard to the top and board my way back down. --- I'll try to be not too naïve and say yes, I won't be able to do anything like that without a load of practice, and will still be greatly restricted in routes (because you can't board on a 25" rock ledge xD).

Mostly wondering, has anyone done stuff like that? Probably, but I can't find much/anything online about it so that why I figured I'd ask here. :) Are there any mountainboards that are not so heavy it will drive you nuts to carry on a 1km climb? And how steep and narrow a path (grass/road?) can I safely take after a reasonable amount of practice (I picked up snowboarding insanely fast)?

I'm going mountainboarding for the first time next week, btw. Excited! =]