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? Land Boarding / Buggying ?

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 11:39 am
by Kristian
I am sort of new to this and was wondering if anyone knew what kind of boards are good for landboarding. I have a board already, but it is only for cruising down the beach. I was looking into purchasing a new one for possibly jumping/freestyle. I have seen good reviews of Kite Mechanic Kiteboards, Trampa Kiteboards and Nosno/Nompa Boards, and was wondering if anyone knew about the PROS and CONS of each?

From what I have seen, the Nosno trucks can take quite a beating and wasn't sure if that would be better than the basic Kiteboard trucks on say a MBS Kiteboard or Trampa or Kite Mechanic. The only down side I could see is possibly weight.

Also, what your options are on buggying? It seems fun and a lot easier so that more people can enjoy it and not just me. What would a good price range and size be? Where would a good place be to buy a used buggy? And any other helpful information on these topics would be appreciated. Thanks.