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Post by McCarver » Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:40 am

Finally got a chance to sit down and enjoy my $5 investment, and am happy to report that it was money well spent. The movie runs about 27 minutes, and every bit of it chock full of dirt, adrenaline, and plenty hot action Major props Justin Dersham & Michael Herbener really for putting this thing together, as well as the guys that spilled blood for the glory, the shot, and the love of the sport.

After you get past the minute and a half of rider introductions(over 25 riders appear in the film) Hot Action throws you right into the thick of it with some Colorado back country as local riders kill it in the woods with some boulder riding, rock dropping, and some cool Colorado freeride. I especially liked the dirt halfpipe where a rider pulls off a sweet tree tap while airing before dropping back in.

Also plenty of good picture from The Tiki Party in Georgia, those crazy hillbillies sure know how to party, and if you look closesly you may catch a glimpse of what appears to be a naked chick in the window at the 8:24 mark.

The video also includes sick footage from a sick bmx track in Mexico, grass riding in Governor's Park Colorado, Altitude Cup championships, a variety of Skate Parks, the MBS Moustache Tour, some jackass style golf course action, and a bunch of tricks by guys who's names I cant remember..

If you got $5 you should definately cough it up and watch this movie, End of story.

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