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doesn't have a real home online right now, so we're hoping to be it. Unlike the old Surfing Dirt forum, this is more like a social network: profile pages, galleries, and all kinds of other things. A place to showcase all the cool things that are happening in mountainboarding.

Why we need that

Well, for one, because the mountainboard community is special and deserves an online space that resembles it. Mountainboard events are known for being open, inclusive and positive. Surfing Dirt intends to provide the same thing online! Also, since you asked, because Facebook sucks! In general, it causes a lot of harm, and it would be in everyone's best interest to use it less. But really, the main reason is that we hope to bring you a cool place for everyone to come together!

The future

It's a lot of work to create a site like this, so we're starting small and will grow slowly. We're now focusing on user profiles, photos, videos, and albums. Soon after, we'll add things like spots, events, etc. So take a look around, sign up, post photos and be part of Surfing Dirt!

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    inSkidLid's Mountainboard Vlogs
    7/22/2021, 6:13 AM
  • New rider


    New to mountainboarding... What doesn't kill you, gives you the shits.

    7/1/2021, 4:18 PM
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    6/25/2021, 9:42 AM
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    inCutting the radius with a homemade jig and a router
    •  I may well be the only idiot to ever use a router to cut a kicker's radius. But it worked really well!
    6/6/2021, 7:00 PM
  • New albumNew kicker in the works
    Not huge but should be fun!
    Just a shadow
    Cutting the radius with a homemade jig and a router
    Unknown image
    6/6/2021, 6:49 PM
  • New album4 Down Project South Africa
    5/28/2021, 9:03 AM
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    inDirty DayZ video contest. 2020
    •  Good times!
    5/13/2021, 12:20 PM
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    inMountainboard Downhill | noSno | Lost Sheep Ranch | 2020.11.21
    •  What a place to ride! Thanks for sharing, this is awesome. We need more people posting stuff like that on the internet because it would definitely get more snowboarders to transition. Where did you get your hands on that Nosno? Do you actually herd sheep? Cows maybe? Cows destroy the ground for us, so I'm guessing sheep as in the ranch's name?
    •  Thanks Mika, and thank you for your efforts in setting up this webpage. I used to worry about edits, but the new plan is to dump the all the raw run footage as a vlog and call it a day. I am afraid i'm old enough that I bought the nosno new, back when mountain boarding was headed for the Olympics. Remember? I have been working on rebuilding the ranch for a few years now. I kept the old name because i thought it was cool, and there are old sheep bones everywhere so it fits. Just chickens, bees, and goats at the moment, but lots of eco-farming type projects in the works, including sheep and maybe a cow. One day.
    •  Lovely! Perhaps you could set up a course on this field. The US could use some permanent courses to hold events every now and them! I do recognize the cost of doing that in terms of money and time though. I do remember when mountainboarding was on its way up. That'll come back!
    •  That's the plan. I want it to be a spot people can come ride. I've talked to Alex about hosting shredfest one of these years. I have equipment but i want to keep the earth works to a minimum. I'm going to focus on building wooden features, because i feel it will be more flexible and have less impact on the land. There will also hopefully soon be a working tow rope.
    •  Awesome that you're already thinking of hosting events! I certainly appreciate taking care of land. I'm in a similar position and am thinking things through. Depending on what you do and how you do it, the impact of having dirt features can be limited, especially if you take extra care to manage drainage and water run off. Tow ropes are awesome, but I'm not sure I would bother for events, it's a liability. Otherwise who doesn't like getting towed haha
    4/17/2021, 3:33 PM
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    inMountainboard vlog #4 | Pushing Higher
    •  Starting to see patches of green, I look forward to full-on spring videos :)
    •  Back to covered in white at the moment, but more videos soon. :)
    4/12/2021, 2:14 AM