Your mountainboard community

Surfing Dirt, your mountainboard community

doesn't have a real home online right now, so we're hoping to be it. Unlike the old Surfing Dirt forum, this is more like a social network: profile pages, galleries, and all kinds of other things. A place to showcase all the cool things that are happening in mountainboarding.

Why we need that

Well, for one, because the mountainboard community is special and deserves an online space that resembles it. Mountainboard events are known for being open, inclusive and positive. Surfing Dirt intends to provide the same thing online! Also, since you asked, because Facebook sucks! In general, it causes a lot of harm, and it would be in everyone's best interest to use it less. But really, the main reason is that we hope to bring you a cool place for everyone to come together!

The future

It's a lot of work to create a site like this, so we're starting small and will grow slowly. We're now focusing on user profiles, photos, videos, and albums. Soon after, we'll add things like spots, events, etc. So take a look around, sign up, post photos and be part of Surfing Dirt!


An album for content from The Brind Brothers youtube channel

Random Mtnboard photos/videos

For a few years following VHS mountainboard videos, DVD was how you got good quality footage to riders all over the world. Here are some of the notable ones!

MBS ad from 1999
Aug '99 issue of Snowboarder Mag

Posters, pamphlets, instruction guides, etc.

fs boardslide
fs cork 5
nosepick crail to fakie

some shots of me riding throughout the years

See more photos and videos on the Albums page