The 4 competing countries in 2020 were Portugal, Japan, the USA, and Romania, and the contest was sponsored by Surfing Dirt with a $500 cash purse! Full results on the IMA site at

Scorpin by Thiago Solon / Local Trip
Assef Ribeiro holding the sun

Photos about our TV Program: Mountainboard , in Canal Off from Globo TV. 14 episodes, 25min each

An album for content from The Brind Brothers youtube channel

A random grab bag of old (but good) mountainboard videos!

A collection of videos from the French scene in the early 2000s

As a joint project from Justin Rhodes and Van Dewitt, MVM came about around 2002, and first started as VHS. It documented the US scene back when it had the most events, the most locations and the most local crews. Quality video!

Moab, le parc naturel de l'Utah!

Rampart (Colorado) Freeride