Lookout Pass | SkidLid's Mountainboard Vlog #13

It was a good day. The downhill noSno in its natural habitat; the summer time ski hill. Elevation 6,150ft, multiple mile+ runs with 1,150' drop, inspiring views, and a running chairlift. I rode hard all day, from first till last chair. A huge thank you to the great folks at Lookout Pass for letting this crazy person on the lift. We will be seeing you again this season for sure! https://skilookout.com/ Highly recommended you hit it up, if you get the chance. But FYI. A brake, leg leash, and full pads were required for me to be allowed to purchase a lift ticket. Follow all mountain rules, and be cool. This video is too long, but I cut so much footage. 0:00 The Edit 11:35 Cruising Full Run 15:46 White Tail Full Run 21:26 Hell Roaring Full Run 🎵 - 🎵 - 🎵 Twin Engines - Jeremy Korpas Wicked Things - Quincas Moreira Sightlines - Jeremy Blake Midnight Sun - Dyalla All covered under the you-tube music license. 🎵 - 🎵 - 🎵 September 3, 2021
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