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hi, I'm Mika (Mikaël), I'm based in France, and I'm the one behind Surfing Dirt. Right now, I'm clearly spending more time behind a keyboard than on a board, but hey, it's long! Otherwise I have been mountainboarding for 20 years, and I still love it! Mountainboard doesn't get the attention it deserves, so I hope to change that with this site! See you on Surfing Dirt!

Mayhem in Moab 2014

Moab, le parc naturel de l'Utah!

MBS Fall Classic 2011

Rampart (Colorado) Freeride

La Roseraie - Toulouse

Des vieilles photos qui datent de 2009-2010, à l'époque ou le spot du TMC31 en était à ses débuts.

New to mountainboarding?

A selection of videos to help people discover mountainboarding.

Like many people, during confinement, I took advantage of my free time to do some construction ...

One of my first flips on the current line
Backside indy
Footplant / No comply
In the park of the Roseraie

Old photos dating from when I lived in Toulouse (France).

Taking it easy after travelling from Germany to France
Not a scratch!
Riser pads included in the box
Looking gooood

The mailman decided to play hide and seek so I only just got my hands on my new Haero Boards deck now. It looks so bad ass! I'm a cat person, but I forgive you Phil!

Another set of photos taken by myself, but mostly by Ludovic Faure.

Shots taken during the first day (qualifications day) of the 2019 World Boardercross Championship. Thanks to Ludovic Faure for taking a majority of these shots!