To me, this is mountainboarding...

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Surfing Dirt

Welcome to Surfing Dirt's very first photo contest! The contest is called "To me, this is mountainboarding...". And the instructions are: in one single photograph, show us what mountainboarding means to you. This can mean different things, so we'll let you figure it out, but it could be: good times with friends, enjoying the outdoor, pushing yourself to ride better, or... something else! Be creative! The rules: - the contest will run from March 16th to April 15th, midnight GMT - the winner will be determined by Surfing Dirt based on several things: how beautiful the picture is, what it means, maybe the story behind it. - prizes: the winner will win a £50 Trampa voucher, and the next 2 will win some old school posters and stickers. So create an account at and get posting!

Dusty mountain trail.
To me...this is mountainboarding
Sister training
"Reckon that's ridable?"
©Andy Rolfe
Ride no matter the weather
Passer un bon moment avec friens!
Under the bridge