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Dirt is your new online mountainboard community! We're here to carve our little corner of the Internet and make it home for mountainboarders around the world. We're building slowly but surely, and we hope to become the place for mountainboard information online. We'll have info on events, spots, riders, clubs, manufacturers... eventually! Stay tuned, come back often, and when we're open for real (we're still in beta), grab an account and participate!

Because we all like a food fight.

A place to share the backyard park you built while you couldn't go outside.

Welcome to Surfing Dirt's very first photo contest! The contest is called "To me, this is mountainboarding...". And the instructions are: in one single photograph, show us what mountainboarding means to you. This can mean different things, so we'll let you figure it out, but it could be: good times with friends, enjoying the outdoor, pushing yourself to ride better, or... something else! Be creative! The rules: - the contest will run from March 16th to April 15th, midnight GMT - the winner will be determined by Surfing Dirt based on several things: how beautiful the picture is, what it means, maybe the story behind it. - prizes: the winner will win a £50 Trampa voucher, and the next 2 will win some old school posters and stickers. So create an account at and get posting!

This is a tribute to Surfing Dirt's origin! Back in the old days, when Surfing Dirt was a forum, there was a page where people would list all the mountainboards ever created. Let's revive this! The page is still here by the way!


These videos will teach you how to improve your riding.

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The time has come for the 2020 relaunch of Surfing Dirt! Checkout what we've got in store and how it works, create an account, and participate! If you've got feedback for us, or if you want to ask questions, here's the contact form: