Mountainboard Video Mag - Issue #2

Georgia Clay: From North to South, from the Mt's to the Hole, from dirt roads to a dirt kicker, Georgia does have mountainboarding. Pro Rider: Dave Stiefvater - Check out Dave's massive board collection, get trick tips and watch as he and Brack Lee terrorize the Vans skate park. You'll see grinds, 3,s 5,s big trick attempts and nasty grabs. The Holler Park: Watch South East riders rip it up on the boarderX course, freestyle kickers and log slide. Greensboro NC - Relatively flat, but a mountainboarding HOT SPOT! You'll see why. Mayhem in Moab: Nature's skate park! This solid surface hosts burms, jumps quarter pipes, steep descents and cliffs. See riders like Van DeWitt push the limits and tackle lines that will make you squirm. The Journey: See how some riders get to Moab. Watch some pre-Moab riding in CO with Jason Lee and Dave Sansone. Laugh at some of the adventures the riders have along the way.
Posted in albumMVM - Mountainboard Video Magazine8/14/2020, 8:39 AM