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Shot and produced by M. DirtFrog (KoenjiNoSora), this series of videos highlights the 2010 mountainboarding season in Japan. With a very dynamic feel and intense editing, this is a must-see! Some of these videos have such a large number of views, the might have been some of the most effective way to get people to see what mountainboarding is!

Akoni Kama and ORB
Jereme Leafe and ORB
Josh Knepper and ORB
Kody Stewart and ATBMag

These legends were all at the 2019 World Boardercross Championship and were nice enough to pose for a picture with a copy of either ATBMag or Off Road Boarding Magazine where they were on the cover.

There was a time when videos were released not on YouTube, not even on DVD, but on good old VHS tapes! Those were the early days of mountainboarding, and even though the boards were a little less advanced, the riding was gnarly! We'll be adding more videos to this album slowly!

In the late 2000s, One Five Media (Justin Dersham and Michael Herbener) produced, shot and released a series of mountainboard videos and documentaries that significantly raised the bar in terms of quality. Enjoy!