Mountainboard Video Mag - Issue #3

Events - The 2002 mountainboard season was an epic year of competitions. Experience 720's, the 1st superman, 900's, back flip variations and more. See South East Qualifier #1, North East Qualifier #2 and the East Coast Championships. The West was rockin too with Donner, the Core Tour and US Nationals. Also, witness the Freestyle Challenge of the UK where riders go bigger than ever. MVM 3 displays a huge stepping stone for competitive mountainbaording taken to another level. Freeriding - Pro riders Leon and Austin Robbins along with Saer White ride a Vertical Picnic table in one of the mountainboarding's best freestyle parks, Hooterville CA. Then check out Alexander Dual Salom Park in NC with Justin Rhodes, Twizzler and Dave Starfighter for some rough terrain and a nice dirt jump. Interview - Several brief interviews from Top riders and players including Nats and EC big air winner Jereme Leafe, EC BoarderX winner Austin Robbins, ECATB's Frank Belezza etc... Riding groups - Experience the terrain and unique style of riding of the WRS group from Washington.
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