Mountainboard Video Mag - Issue #1

Issue #1, From the Wood to the Dirt Description: We go from NY to CO, the Core Tour to Cloud 9. We were there at the Jones Beach NY stop of the Panasonic Shockwave Core tout. If you weren't there, here's your chance to see riders dropping in from 35ft. You'll see pro riders like MBS's Jason Lee doing back flips and Leon Robbins doing 5's. These and other riders get higher than 20 ft. and soar over 40ft to the hard wood landing.We hit the NY City streets and Central Park with Evan Lipstein, President of Mongoose All-Terrain boards. Then it's off to CO to hang out with local Brack Lee and experience CO's best (High Drive, the Valley, the Crack and the Colorado Springs BMX track). Count it a tribute to the legendary CO riding spots. Watch an exclusive interview with Dirtheads Don Baker and enjoy watching Don hit the hills with his one of a kind, smooth riding style. You'll see why Cloud 9 was canceled and how the core group of riders made a day of it anyway at High Drive. It was windy, wet and dirty and dirty is how we like it. So kick back enjoy the show, the music and history in the making.
Posted in albumMVM - Mountainboard Video Magazine8/11/2020, 6:12 AM