Drifters 🇯🇵

The Japanese never disappoint when they release an edit. Some of the best athletes in the world hail from Japan and this edit proves it! This project will have you on the edge of your seat and want to try everything you see. Living up to the Drifters title, they Power Slide any way imaginable, and they do it with the undeniable Japanese style. This Freeride video is stacked full of creative lines so take inspiration and look at terrain differently the next time you head out!
Posted in albumThe 2020 4 Down Project8/29/2020, 5:07 PM


  •  Powersliding is the soul of mountainboarding, it is the difference between living to ride another day and crashing badly. And yet a surprising number of riders don't practice it enough or cannot stop reliably. We hope Drifters can inspire more people to explore powersliding. There are so many incredible variations on the humble powerslide here, there's definitely a lot to learn for everyone. Thank you to he Drifters team for exploring this topic in a this video with a unique vibe.