Summer Camp 🇺🇸

Absolute legends, Jason Lee and AJ Lawson team up for the much anticipated Summer Camp. With Jason’s one-of-a-kind riding style and AJ’s flawless smoothness, you will be amazed. Jason shows us his interpretation of what it’s like to walk out your front door and ride. While AJ rides with friends and lets you know you can throw the big tricks and also learn to ride all at the same time!
Posted in albumThe 2020 4 Down Project8/29/2020, 5:07 PM


  •  Jason Lee's smooth carving and freeriding skills honed through decades of mountainboarding (literally since the beginning of mountainboarding) and AJ's bag of tricks combined with his effortless style, Colorado's bikepark tracks all converge to show what mountainboarding can be about. Thank you guys for this edit.