The Cherries on Top of The Cake 🇷🇴

The much anticipated all girls "Cherries On Top Of The Cake" follow Sonia and Erica through what it’s like to be a female Mountainboarder. These ladies ride some tough terrain and tell the story of being a female athlete! They ride with other girls, push themselves, and open our eyes to the forefront of female Mountainboarding. If there’s a video that says you can do it, this is the one!
Posted in albumThe 2020 4 Down Project8/29/2020, 5:06 PM


  •  Just like a lot in surfing and snowboarding is about the search for a great spot, this video shows that one great aspect of mountainboarding is exploration, pushing oneself, and sharing with others. The Cherries on Top of The Cake got a whole lot of votes in the 4 Down Project this year and we like to think that is because the video reflects the values of our community. Well done, ladies!