Mountainboard Top Trumps

I was doing some cleaning and found these. It made me think, for the 127th time, about mountainboard top trumps and how it might look. Anyone else? There would definitely be 'Legend' cards for Tom Kirkman, Leon Robbins, Pete Tatham, Jason Lee, Alex Downie. Although JLee still riders... he should still have a Legend card though.
Posted in albumGallery4/17/2020, 5:38 PM

  •  Top trumps? What are those?
  • It's a card game where every card have the same categories on them but different values in the categories. You then go head to head selecting the category to battle you cards in. For us, an example would be you get a Downhill, BoarderX, Freestyle, Freeride, Street, Skatepark rating (you could get really creative with these). Then you battle with your cards and their ratings in the categories :)
  •  Interesting! That could be turned into some kind of online game!