BLOGS: "You've got to be realistic"

Seeing as Mika hasn't implemented a blog feature yet, here's the first in a series of my brain dumps XD Pic: Onboard a bs 360 one footer After a great session at the weekend, I've been itchy to try some new tricks and film a video idea: 'Big Sends'. The plan was to turn up, send some big tricks and then try to one up them. After sending cork 7s, fs 900, fs 540 one footer and a double I was warmed up and ready to step it up, however that's precisely when I started to flail. Sending a backflip one footer as a set up to a corked 540 one footer, my legs started fading and I didn't have the power to keep up with what my head wanted. It was a shame, but after a heavy weekend and putting the work in at the gym the night before they were clearly struggling. Initially I was gutted; it's always a shame to have these grand ideas in your head about what you want the ride to be like and then the session doesn't match them. However, after some contemplation, I realised I should listen to the famous catchphrase of 'The Bloody Nine': "you've got to be realistic". You can't force a sender session, and the fact I was able to pull out some big tricks even though my legs were tired, actually managing to spice some of them up with new grabs and tweaks later in the session, is pretty damn epic. It wasn't the session I had in mind, but it ended up being a great evening riding with both Andy and myself upping our bars with new sends and variations. What of the tricks that are infecting my brain? I'll just have to try them another day, very soon.
Posted in albumThe Brind Brothers9/30/2020, 11:38 AM


  •  Yeah it's one thing to want to do it, and it's another to be able to hahaha I love the work you guys are putting into the video series. Even if you weren't landing new things, it would set you up for the next growth phase. Keep it up! :)