BLOGS: Racing but not BoarderX?

I've been having a good old think. I do that fairly regularly. Is there another racing based format/discipline that isn't BoarderX that doesn't involve any Freestyle elements (i,e, not speed and style or FreeX)? I came up with dual slalom but are there any others? Tough one. Why was I thinking this, I don't hear you ask. I was having a hypothetical about expanding the UK Championships to another venue and having disciplines that could contribute towards the Overall without encroaching on the existing dicsiplines. Big Air/Best Trick was an obvious one, Rail s & Quarters Jam, Dual Slalom some others. With racing being the biggest draw for events, naturally a racing based discipline would be of interest. I shall have to ponder on, and perhaps some of you dirters may be able to throw some ideas in the talking section below for some interesting debate :)
Posted in albumThe Brind Brothers10/6/2020, 8:02 PM

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