Back To Dirt! Testing ‘The Angle’

After weeks and weeks of groundwork, Andy and Matt make some time at the end of a day of digging to ride some dirt for the first time this year and to test a new feature.
Posted in albumThe Brind Brothers7/3/2020, 7:35 AM


  •  What a smooth line. Are you happy with the kicker itself?
  •  The main kicker or the angle take off? The main kicker is well tested and loved, the angle is now even more loved than before it was the angle :) it also runs better now we've pumped our tyres up from the 40 psi we were accidentally running haha
  •  I meant the main kicker. It seems like you spent a lot of time on the steep one for the airbag, so maybe you changed your mind with the regular kicker.
  •  Oh I get you! The steep kicker doesn't match the dirt landing very well - the landing is a bit too mellow for it really so you don't hold much speed through the full line (and your knees take a bit of a beating). As we wanted to test the angle, we needed the extra speed we get from using the mellow kicker :) Steep kicker is perfect for the bag as we have to step up 3ft compared to the dirt to land on the bag!